Luxury Rigid Packaging
Luxury Rigid Packaging
Luxury Rigid Packaging
Dodo Packaging UK is recognised as one of the leading packaging companies in the market. We manufacture all types of…
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    Wholesale Custom Printed Rigid Boxes Packaging UK

    The box is the primary requirement that is needed for every little thing in the market. Therefore, impeccable wholesale rigid boxes are what is demandable by the buyers. Hence, there are different sizes and shapes of custom rigid boxes that are available in the market.

    Dodo Packaging is the best platform that makes sure that custom ridged boxes are changeable majorly rather than just small regular changes. There are specialised teams at Dodo Packaging to make your Custom rigid boxes extraordinary. The suggestions that they provide are COST-FREE. These rigid boxes are made unique with significant changes such as the change in the material of custom rigid boxes UK, printing effects and the coatings. There is an option of add-ons as well to make more unique when they are placed on a shop shelf. Foiling makes the rigid boxes UK more appealing. The turn-around time of these rigid gift boxes in the UK is 4-6 days and deliveries are FREE of cost in the UK.

    Makeable in Any Shape And Size

    Rigid boxes are the most practical boxes. They are sturdy in the material. Hence, they are makeable in any shape and size. They are the authentically usage boxes and can carry weighty material in it. It can be used for multi-purposes and on different occasions. It all depends upon the choice of the customer what size they want.`

    Superior Style of Box

    There are many different shapes of boxes that are likeable by consumers. Indeed, a customer looks for a unique rigid box packaging to parcel goods in a valuable manner. Hence, there are a variety of box styles that are demandable in the market. They are the following:

      • Mailer boxes
      • The gable box with rigid packaging
      • Four-corner cake box
      • The pillow with rigid packaging

    The Material Matters

    The material is the most crucial factor that is a requirement in the making of a box. There is a type of material that is original to make rigid gift boxes more exclusive and desirable. The following material in which all options are makeable is.

      • The thickest Corrugated material with thick E-flute to make it a custom rigid packaging

    Therefore, this material is exclusively tough to make one-piece or two-piece rigid boxes. The custom rigid packaging is a reliable material for parcelling items on longer routes. Rigid boxes UK are for all types of occasions. Hence, they carry weighty material. The delivery is FREE within the UK.

    Rigid boxes are in two pieces and is also a convenient option for rigid box packaging. This makes it easier for the buyer to unpack in a new surprising way. Furthermore, all of the material which we provide is 100% recyclable.

    HD Printing Colours

    Thus, printing makes a clear difference in the outlook of the rigid box UK. It prints the colours and patterns on the box. With the help of printing, you can raise the outer appearance of your box within no time. Therefore, there are a variety of options that gives a tremendous blow to the rigid boxSimple printing is clearly an option used in the market widely. Hence, there are more identifiable methods discovered by Dodo Packaging to make the buyers experience outstanding. Furthermore, options are written below.

      • The CMYK
      • The PMS processes
      • Embossing
      • Similarly, Debossing
      • Foiling

    These processes are the ultimate reason for the new unwrapping experience of a buyer. The CMYK is the HD printing process. Thus, it has four main colours involved. They are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key. However, this is reasonable.

    The PMS process is the extraction of the shades out of a particular colour. Therefore, this blends to create a theme. However, this process is costly but have a vast range of colour option.

    The embossing and debossing are the two different ways of puffing and bending the logo or the text. Hence, this makes the rigid box fancier. The logo or the text tangible.

    In addition, the foiling is the new printing wrap on the rigid box. It takes place as a whole, in three primary colours.

    1. The gold
    2. Silver
    3. Rose-gold

    You can also have other colours for foilings as well. But, most people use gold and silver colour for the foiling on their boxes

    The Scope of Coating

    The coating makes a perfect layering on these boxes. This gives a soothing feel while opening the box. The coating takes place in three main components.

      • The glossy
      • Matte
      • The spot UV presence

    The glossy includes, the shiny texture on these boxes. Gloss coating looks more eye-catchy then other. It gives a lustrous look to your box. Whereas, the matte is the dry effect on the box. It gives out a valuable outlook when gifted to adults. The spot UV appearance is delicate. It includes both. The glossy and the matte part. It makes it exclusive and unique when put on the table, among other gifts. Moreover, it is higher in demand.

    Add-ons on These ultra-exclusive Boxes

    These boxes can look more expensive when there is an addition of cuts. The types of cuts are

      • The die-cut window
      • PVC window

    The die-cut window are the cuts on the box that relatively helps to touch the product available inside. The colours of the product are viewable. Hence, the PVC window installation means the product is still available, but cuts are covered with the transparent lamination sheet. It makes it more gracious. For eatable items, people prefer PVC window the most. This will help to make your box attractive.

    Why Choose Dodo Packaging

    Dodo Packaging is an absolutely great platform. Thus, full of opportunities. Instantly, it provides uncountable variations that are a great recommendation to make custom wholesale rigid boxes the only choice. These are undeniably eco-friendly boxes. The delivery of boxes is FREE of cost. Before dispatching, the 2D and 3D models are sent to customers for confirmation. In order to receive the best boxes right-click on the Dodo Packaging link and receive the greatest of the great boxes. Our customer service is outstanding.

    Make your custom printed boxes incredible with us!

    For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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