Vape is a product which gains popularity in very less time in youngsters. It is an item used for vaping. People inhale and exhale aerosol in this. People who want to get rid of the addiction to tobacco cigarettes use this e-cigarette device. All of us know how harmful is smoking. That’s why people are advised to quit smoking.

We know that technology has revolutionized our lives to a great extent within less time. It has made our lives quite more comfortable than before. People are more conscious of their health now. Therefore, by keeping all this in view, vapes are introduced to lessen the health risks.

Let’s talk about the safety of vapes now. With the increase in demand for vape products, the demand for cartridge boxes is also increasing. However, these boxes give a strong grip on the item packed in them. Custom vape cartridge boxes are the right choice to pack your vapes because they keep your vape safe and secure for a long time. As a packaging company, Dodo packaging UK is always there to supply the best vape cartridge packaging for their customers. We are always there to provide the best boxes at the most affordable prices.


Importance Of Vape Cartridge Packaging:

As we said above, it is important to have cartridge boxes for their safety. Furthermore, these boxes are also in fashion so much these days. Apart from this, they help to increase the revenue of your business. Our packaging is different from all our competitors. We provide unique features to make your boxes splendidly beautiful and outstanding. There are numerous benefits of using these boxes. You cannot deny their importance. Various vape manufacturing brands are using these boxes and consider them an essential part of their product.
  • Marketing tool:
You can use our vape cartridge boxes UK as a marketing tool for your business. Our boxes are attractive, and customers will surely buy the product, which looks eye-catchy. The best part about customisation is that you can design your boxes in desirable size, shape, or design. In this way, you can quickly get attractive boxes to create a lasting impression on your customers.
  • Provide ultimate protection:
Dodo packaging UK provides you with the best boxes to keep your item secure. However, many packaging companies manufacture vape packaging with fragile material just to give a minimum look to the item. They don't focus on the quality of the material they provide. However, in our case, it is totally the opposite. We are concerned about the quality of the material we gave to our clients. Our designers work hard to avoid all the negligence.
  • Eco-friendly packaging:
Our packaging is eco-friendly and can be easily recycled. If you are a person who is obsessed with keeping the environment green and healthy, then for sure, our boxes are the right choice for you. Moreover, our boxes provide a lot of protection to the vapes. Our boxes help your brand to stand out among others.

Styles For The Vape Packaging:

Packaging is the first thing that all of the customers notice before even buying the product. Therefore, it is important to set your brand ahead from all the other competitors. We not only provide appealing packaging, but it is secure as well. However, we use high-quality boxes for your vape products to ensure that they will not be damaged. We design ultimate custom vape cartridge packaging in a tempting way with the help of our skilled designers. Dodo Packaging UK comes up with unique and ravishing styles for the packaging of vape products. Let’s have a look at a few of the styles.
  • Tuck end boxes
These are the boxes that have a sleek design and comes with an increased length. You can get this packaging from us if you want. Retailers prefer to order these boxes as they don’t consume much space.
  • Two-piece boxes
You can also get this design from us in order. Vape is kept in half of the box, and the other part stays upright on it. These are sturdy boxes and have enough space to keep your item securely in it.
  • Five-panel hanger boxes
However, you can also elegantly display your product with the five-panel hanger boxes. Furthermore, these boxes give ease to the retailers to display the product easily on their shelves. You can choose any of your favourite designs according to your choice. If you need any other packaging, then we have other options for you guys. You don’t need to worry about anything when we are here. All you need to do is just tell us your requirements, and we will fulfil all of them for you. Vape boxes come with versatile designs. You can choose any of the designs mentioned above if you want.

Make The Outer Look Of Your Vape Cartridge Boxes Spectacular With Elaborations:

Furthermore, we are giving so many additional options to our clients. You can have embossing, debossing, foiling, window addition, blisters, and coatings to make your boxes more mesmerizing. We have a matte, gloss, and spot UV coating to give a complete finishing look to your boxes. Furthermore, we are providing splendid options for printing. Flexography, digital printing and offset printing are the printing options available for all our clients. You can select any of the methods which suit your budget. Along with these, you can also have colour options. Moreover, you can also select different materials from cardstock, cardboard, and kraft. Each and everything is up to your choice. Custom printed vape cartridge packaging and boxes in the UK make your boxes beautiful not only from the outside but from inside too.

Grab Amazing Discounts And Offers:

For Dodo Packaging UK, customers are our first priority. We try our best to accommodate them in the best possible manner. So, leave all your tensions upon us and place your orders freely. Our shipment time is less as compared to all other companies. Moreover, there are no delivery charges. You only have to pay for your vape cartridge boxes wholesale. Now buckle up and place your orders with us.

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