Vape Cartridge Boxes: Why People Switch To Vaping? Get Complete Guide Here!

Vape Cartridge Boxes: Why People Switch To Vaping? Get Complete Guide Here!

by Craig Martin

Posted: July 08, 2020

We hear a lot of mixed opinions about vaping. Some articles say that vape has some health benefits. But the other day, we read some reports that show the harmful effects of it on the human body. Have you got confused? Want to find out what to do? Let us explain briefly the positive and negative points of vaping and see the upsides of vape cartridge boxes. 

What do they say it’s better than a cigarette?

“E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to your health than normal cigarettes.”-Public Health England

  • Less harmful than smoking:

According to the royal college of physicians, vaping is 95% Agee than normal cigarettes. They conduct proper research to confirm the fact. Moreover, vaping does not contain ash or has not gone through a burning process if you want to use it for recreation. That is why vape is a beneficial way of quitting smoking and can help you in becoming smoking free without harm. Vapes come in different flavours that can save you from bad odour and oral unhygienic situation.

  • No unpleasant and toxic smell:

Vapes do not have that deadly smell which not only bothers you sometimes, but the people in surroundings also complain. Vape gives the advantage of overcoming this problem. It does not contain the tobacco leaves. Thus does not have a bad odour at all. However, it uses flavours that sometimes have a pleasant smell, and most of the times are barely noticeable. As it does not contain dead tobacco leaves thus does not harm the people nearby as well. 

  • Manage nicotine consumption:

The main advantage of vape is that you can control the nicotine intake. The e-juices used in vapes come in different types. Some vape cartridge boxes have high strength nicotine, and some come with low or free of nicotine. So in this way, you have an idea of how much nicotine are you inhaling exactly. Besides, people who are in the process of quitting smoking usually start with a high level of nicotine and gradually come to a low level. 

  • Endless choice in flavours:

You can always select the flavour you like the most to have a great experience of vaping. Likewise, people love to try new flavours every now and then. For this reason, the manufacturer tries to come up with something new before the users get bored. The most common flavours are dessert, fruits, menthol and beverages etc.

  • An immediate feeling of fulfilment through vape cartridge boxes:

You can instantly satisfy yourself with vapes as you do not have to do much for vaping. Just push the button, and you can quickly silence your craving. Some vapes come pre-filled. Moreover, you need to charge it or refill e-juices, but you can enjoy it throughout the day after maintaining. You do not have to do it every time you desire to use it. 

  • Pocket friendly for everyone:

The trend of using vapes have become high lately. That is why vapes come in every range. From affordable to top-shelf models, every type is available. You can get one that suits your pocket. In short, people who have less than 10 dollars in the pocket can also take pleasure of vaping. 

Some side effects that a vape can cause:

Every product which has pros have some cons as well. Nothing is perfect in this imperfect world. Same is the case with vapes. After going g through the advantages of vaping, let’s just jump onto the disadvantages that it has. 

  • Age legality and perceptions:

In some areas, the legal age of buying vape is 18 or 21 years old, according to the tobacco 21 laws. But, some people think that vapes are for young generation only. It does not suit the old adults. Thus they do not shift on vape and continue smoking that leads to a deadly addiction. You can deploy vape cartridge boxes to get the best bang for your buck.

  • Increasing costs:

It is a fact that you need to reopen the e-juices every time you use it. That means you need to spend more after buying a vape. Moreover, the e-juices come in a different price range. The price varies with quality. A single bottle of e-juice cannot last forever. You need to by again, and that can get heavy on your pocket. 

  • Undetermined health risks:

Some researchers have shown that vapes do not have negative effects on health. But the research is 3.5 years old. So, if you are vaping, you can have some health issues in future. But it can save you from the deadly addiction of smoking that harms you greatly with a single blow. 

  • Consider similar to smoking:

Cigarettes and vapes are considered to be same as they both are a source of consuming nicotine. But they do not have many similarities. While smoking, you inhale smoke which is full of tar and carbon monoxide that damages your health and exhale same smoke that pollutes the air. Vaping does not have toxic second-hand vapour, unlike smoking. But vaping is considered as smoking and is prohibited in areas where smoking is not allowed. So, opt for vape cartridge boxes to get the best style option.

Why packaging is important:

Vapes are delicate and need high quality and durable custom vape cartridge boxes to ensure safety. Today when everything is digitalised, people buy thing online. For this reason, choosing a suitable packaging material is necessary to protect the vape essentials during transportation. 

Moreover, it is the packaging that differentiates you from other brands working in the same field. Custom printed vape cartridge boxes allow you to print brand name. That is the first step towards marketing. 

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