Want A Tumblr Room? Go Ahead And Use Custom Stickers

Want A Tumblr Room? Go Ahead And Use Custom Stickers

by Craig Martin

Posted: April 22, 2020

Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website founded in 2007. Since then, it has had the most ravishing ideas and tricks for adding to the visibility of your rooms and other places. Tumblr is known for being the ideal place in terms of ideas for various types of decor. You can get ideas for decorating your room, laptops, dining rooms, lounges, kitchens, and any other corner of your house.

Your Room Is Your Therapy:

After a long and tiring day, you must be completely waiting for snuggling in your bed, but what if it’s not cosy enough? Well, you can solve this issue by investing a bit of your money in your room. It will make it easier for you to have your own as the most attractive.

Now that researches also prove that many people in the world wait the entire day to get into their room because it brings them peace. However, you can also do so by spending some of your savings on your room.

Although you might not have many but ideas, Tumblr has got you covered. The entire app is full of such enthralling and seductive ideas that will take your heartbeats away. There is not much to do.

Use All That You Have:

Another trick is that use all of the extra stuff you have in your room. By doing this, you will not need to spend some extra money. Take out the paints stored within for a long time, take out the coloured paper, 

the clips, the chart papers, and all the bears that you played with when you were small. Find the right place for each item and use organizers.

Take help from these organizers so that you have more place for more things.

Fairy Lights Everywhere:

The little bright lights that catch your interest are precisely what you need right now. These fairy light can be hanged on your walls, curtains, doors, beds, shelves, and anywhere you like. Also, fairy lights are highly cheap and inexpensive, so you can buy as many as you like.

Put these lights on with the stickers that you just bought you wall will look heavenly within a very reasonable budget.

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Vibrant Wallpapers:

Moreover, wallpapers are also another radiant addition to your room. Any bright colour of your choice can be done. Paint it in the right way and match everything with your colour.

Keep contrast. For instance, if you are a fan of the purple colour, then you can contrast it with white, Black, and grey. Otherwise, mustard and purple or blue are excellent choices too. All these options are suitable for you and look out for combinations with separate colours. Once you set a colour theme, you can work according to it.

The wallpaper choices can be like:

  • stripes
  • prints
  • patterns
  • flower patterns
  • zebra prints
  • horizontal stripes
  • vertical stripes
  • Flower prints

Embellish Your Rooms With These Beautiful Stickers:

Coming back to custom stickers UK, you must know that you can use stickers instead of paints. Like, use huge stickers instead of going for colour paints. This way, your wall will not be damaged, and you can redo your room anytime you like. Spend less and enjoy more.

If you wish to decorate your child’s room, then you can use cartoon stickers or pictures of their favourite characters more vibrancy and fewer aesthetics. On the contrary, if you yourself are making an idea about redoing your room, then you can look up to your choices and necessities. Choose all that you like.

Boring Laptops? Not Anymore:

Another way of using your custom stickers London is by redoing your laptop’s covers, choose some stick able stickers that do not harm your screen. Make it aesthetic. Make it chic and classy. Show off in front of all your friends. Appealing and beautiful laptops are your thing now.

Use stickers printing UK in any way that you like and make it possible for people around you to be thrilled. The instincts of an artist are the most creative of all, and you are the artist you are looking out for.

Customise Stickers Just The Way You Like Them:

Dodo Packaging UK is one of the leading packaging companies in the market. We manufacture the best possible stickers for you so that you can make the most out of them. Moreover, we use resilient materials to make sturdy and adorable stickers.

We use PVC paper for making pretty and long-lasting stickers. The variety we provide in making sticker is mentioned below:

  • Bumper Stickers
  • Sticker sheets
  • Kiss Cut Stickers
  • Rounded corner stickers
  • Clear Stickers
  • Transfer Stickers
  • Vinyl Lettering
  • Static Clings
  • Front Adhesive Stickers 

All these custom made stickers will make your rooms look lovely. All you have to do is order them now and decorate your room most attractively.

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