The Latest Development About Vape Cartridge Packaging That You Have to Know

The Latest Development About Vape Cartridge Packaging That You Have to Know

by Craig Martin

Posted: May 20, 2020

Dodo Packaging UK is one of the best packaging companies in the UK. Our company proffers awesome vape cartridge packaging according to your requirements. However, we have packaging experts in our company to provide you with enticing boxes.

Moreover, we modify boxes by following standard parameters. Therefore, the designers in our company ensure to implement your great ideas perfectly.

Vape cartridge is one of the widely used tools of vaporizers. They are hard and are packed inside cardboard boxes for safety, storage and branding. However, vapes are available in different sizes so as their packaging boxes. So, make your vape cartridge packaging designed by availing our company services in order to achieve stunning boxes. We provide boxes in different structures, sizes and layouts.

You can inscribe all the information and speciality of the vaporizers which urge the buyers to buy them from tobacco stores. Therefore, if you are a manufacturer and need affordable printed vape cartridge boxes, then we are here to design vape boxes in your desired shapes and sizes. You will also get free shipping in the UK as well.

Another great benefit of custom vape boxes is that they are easy to customize. However, with the efforts of our packaging experts, you will feel the box making process really easy for you. At Dodo Packaging UK we show plenty of design templates from where you can choose the best design of your choice for the vape cartridge boxes

The following are some of the latest development options you can avail of for your boxes by the help of our packaging company.

Inscribe Amazing Quick-Witted Design on Vape Boxes

Now you can design your vape cartridge packaging box beautifully. You can maximize your branding with great innovative design add on. So, buy custom vape boxes for your products.

Moreover, you can also select the printing design and content for printing. However, mention ingredients and the product details on the boxes, to make it easier for the customers to choose. Thus, this will greatly help you in promoting your brand and increasing the sales of your vapes. This is how big brands established their business, and so can you!

Moreover, you can inscribe colourful and graphical artwork on the vape boxes. There are various foiling techniques such as Silver and Gold, to make vape boxes look luminous. Additionally, for your vape boxes, you can imprint of the box textures as well. For instance, matte or gloss touch makes the vape box appealing. 

We are offering great material technology for embracing your boxes. However, the best one is the eco-friendly packaging with refining quality. So, choose great handiwork of your choice by collaborating with our packaging company.

Additionally, you can inscribe UV spotting and embossing and debossing techniques to make your vape box packaging unique and eye-catching. However, we at Dodo Packaging UK offers great decorations for luxurious vape boxes. You can also avail of perforation and window cut on the boxes to make them look fabulous—further, avail of custom eco friendly vape cartridge boxes UK.

Avail of Latest Coatings to Embellish your Vape Boxes

Coating and laminations are post-print processes that involve applying “film” laminates or liquid coatings that change the look and feel of the boxes. However, some coatings can be combined with other extras, such as gold foil, embossing or debossing, to make a truly unique box.

The coatings maximize the strength of the packaging and provide extra protection to scratches, abrasion or manipulation while handling or shipping of the boxes.

The following are some of the advance coatings which our company offers.

UV & AQ Coating:

If you are searching a less costly choice, you must consider small gloss AQ coating your selection. In the meantime, AQ is aquatic-based. AQ is acknowledged as the default of all coatings because of its low price and high efficiency. 

Therefore, it offers a low gloss polish that provides a bit of roughness to the boxes but not overly that it diverts the appreciations. Moreover, the ultraviolet coatings alternatively produce a glossy presence just like gloss lamination.

Matte Coating

Matte coating is the suggested covering for luxury vape boxes. However, this finishing is stylish and classy. However, it is the best coating to use once integrating distinctive procedures into your boxes, for instance, beautification foil imprinting, and spot UV.

Gloss Coating

Gloss coating is a finish that is applied to the box after printing. However, it’s a very slick and shiny finish, making the colours pop more. Hence, it gives a very smooth appearance to the box and reflects light amazingly.

Why Choose Our Company?

We at Dodo Packaging UK have helped various brands to improve their packaging over massive industries, from the automotive sector to the retail and other sectors. 

However, with multiple years of experience in providing innovative packaging, we have the best tools in the company to help you improve your business because your passion is our passion.

Make your custom printed boxes incredible with us!

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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