The History Of Recycling & Brown Kraft Boxes

The History Of Recycling & Brown Kraft Boxes

by Craig Martin

Posted: April 08, 2021

Recycling may look like a modern concept but it is not. When we look at the history, that dates back to about 300 years ago. We see that the first recycling of paper was done in Lei Yang, China. People from Saudi Arabia and Iraq later learned the Chinese secret of papermaking. 

The Simplest Technique  

There is no rocket science in the recycling process. The main idea is just to capture the fibre from recycled paper. Recycling has been an important component of papermaking for ages now. This process is adopted all over the world.  

How To Recycle Paper?

Recycle Paper

This is a simple process, when we throw the papers that we no longer require, they are gathered by cleaning management. These unwanted papers are then taken to the Recovery Facility centres where recycling is done. The paper or waste material goes through few steps till it can be used again. They are washed, separated categorically and mashed to make a pulp-like substance. The paper is then dried and pressed into different shapes.  

To get Kraft cakes boxes or other recycled boxes, a lengthy process is done. 

Why Is Kraft Material In Brown Colour? 

Generally, the paper that’s available to us is in white colour. Why? Because it is bleached. Furthermore, brown Kraft boxes are brown, unless you add any colour of your choice. That’s because it is made from unbleached Kraft material. Bleaching makes the Kraft packaging weak.

Brown Kraft Box

Reasons To Use Kraft Boxes 

Among all other kinds of packaging materials, Kraft boxes are believed to be the most user-friendly. These are eco-friendly as well. Companies who claim to care about climate change, opt for this option to deliver or showcase their product. We love our planet Earth too and recommend everyone to be vigilant enough. Hence, taking this issue of climate change and global warming into consideration, before making any demand.  

Another factor is that recycling prevents the emission of harmful gases into the environment. Thus, saving energy.  

Now the question arises, how? 

When waste materials, either paper or plastic bags are kept for recycling, there will be no need of burning waste. Recycling is done through a proper channel. Thus, conserving natural habitat. But one thing is a must for this to happen.  

Educate Your Generations About climate Issues

We need to educate our younger generations to preserve the natural environment.


Educational institutes must work on it. The idea of living in a healthy environment and, preserving the natural habitat should be given by everyone from a very early age. 

The benefits of living in a green peaceful environment are enormous.  

Increasing Economic Stability 

If we work smartly, we can not only save the environment but help our country too. For instance, if we use the recycled products, the demand for new or fresh paper will be less. Hence, there will be no need for deforestation. 

Therefore, the low demand for paper is directly proportional to the greener environment and economic stability.   

Furthermore, when you are manufacturing any product in your own country, it results in stronger economic graphs. The reason is that you will not need to import the respective product from abroad by paying a lot of taxes. You simply can generate a good amount of revenue by using local products.  

What Kind Of Box Will You Like? 

Everyone has his or her taste. We prefer knowing your choice. You are the boss! And we make sure of it. You can order any kind of Kraft box for your product. There is a wide variety of boxes.  

There is a Tuck End box which is usually used for food, stationery and beverages. It forms an auto-lock at the end to keep your product safe while shipping. 

In a straight tuck end box, the upper and lower tuck ends open in the same direction. While, in reverse tuck end, as evident from its name, the upper and lower ends of the box open in opposite directions.  

The sleeve box is also known as the tray box. A two-piece box is used for keeping products like mobile phones and vapes. These are very common nowadays. Another kind is the Five-panel hanger box which is used for storing and shipping mobile charges etc.  

Display Your Product Effectively 

If you want to sell your product, be it any confectionery or material thing. You should advertise it wisely. Customers buy what they find attractive. Order Display boxes with a display lid and locked bottom. You may also place an order for mailer boxes. These are also called subscription boxes. They have an overlapping flap thus, making them more durable.  

To present someone a gift at any event, get Dispenser boxes with a lower front panel to showcase the product.  

Many other options are also available. For example, seal-end boxes (commonly used for cereals), pillow boxes and hexagon boxes.  

Simple, Tempting Or Unique?  

The design of your package is entirely up to you. You will decide and Dodo Packaging UK would be grateful to provide it for you. You have the option of the following inserts in your box: 

  • Foam 
  • Cardboard 
  • Punch Insert: These are usually used in cosmetics 
  • Fence Inserts are common in the glass.  
Which Kind Of Coating To Go For? 

There are the following two options for you: 

  • Gloss Coating: It is to make your product shine and reflect light when comes in contact with sunlight.  
  • Matte Coating: It is an elegant and simpler option for smooth coating as it does not shine in the light.  

We always are open to suggestions. If there is any other kind of coating you would like to get, just let us know and we won’t disappoint you.  

Customisable Logos And Designs   

Companies that keep in mind the satisfaction of their customers, always grow better. You need not worry. We can make any kind of logo or title that you want. You may get customised designs and add-ons on your product as well.  

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and dial our number or place your order through our site. We would love to get in touch with you.

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