Soap Packaging Boxes That Are Perfect For Your Business

Soap Packaging Boxes That Are Perfect For Your Business

by Craig Martin

Posted: November 17, 2020

Most of the businessmen who are in soap packaging boxes have stuck to it just because they have become addicted to this profession, paddling out batch after batch of lovely pieces of handmade art. This is great for any business. If you are in love with what you do, nothing beats that. However, when you are in the soap business, you need to save your time from many time-consuming things, especially if you are a one-man show. This is because if you are not giving time to your selling, then your business is more likely to be an expensive hobby. 

Being a sole owner, more than 75% of your time might spend in production, supplies, and other important paperwork. However, you still have a good chunk of your valuable time left for other aspects of selling. That includes deciding the packaging of your soap and updating it with time and other events around the calendar. 

With that, here on this blog, we will tell you what different kinds of soap gift boxes you can find at our site and what kind of effect they would have on your business in the UK. 

Types of Soap Packaging Boxes

  1. Sleeve boxes

Sleeve boxes are one of the simplest boxes. They work like matchboxes. There is usually no extensive printing on these boxes, just a plain background with your logo printed on the top. You can add the colour of the soap as the background, which will reflect the product inside the sleeve box. These boxes tend to last longer than most of the other boxes just because of their clever design. 

  1. Wrapping paper

The wrapping paper better when you are selling in wholesale. This is much more economical than just wrapping each soap in a kraft box. Mostly, we print whole wrapping paper around one theme. Then we design the whole sheet according to it.  Get one theme selected for your pack and try to design it in a way that should show what kind of product is inside the wrap. 

  1. Window cut boxes

Another type of soap box that we produce in bulk is the window cut box. The reason for its popularity is that it is hassle-free and good looking at the same time. The main idea of this box is to give a glimpse of the product without actually opening. A simple cut on a box with a transparent sheet on it for protection can show the consumers what they are actually purchasing. 

  1. Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are another famous kind of boxes. Besides looking as fabulous as other, rigid boxes are actually stronger than others. If your custom soap boxes packaging isn’t sturdy enough to protect your product, then there is no point in getting a packaging at all. Rigid boxes are actually made with multiple layers of kraft paper, which increase its strength and make the box able to carry heavy weight soaps.  

  1. Pillow boxes

Pillow boxes have gained a lot of popularity, particularly due to their odd and attractive shape. People widely use them not only as soap boxes, but one can use them as gift boxes for delicate products. If you have a premium soap product, then these pillow boxes are perfect for such luxury products as they tell themselves they are holding an expensive product inside them. 

  1. Corrugated boxes

Corrugated fiberboard consists of fluted corrugated sheets and two incredibly strong linerboard that just increase the whole strength of the box. However, these boxes make sense if you are exporting a large number of soaps. Their lightweight and weight to size ratio makes them perfect to exporting products around the globe. However, you can also have corrugated material for each of your soaps. 

  1. Casual Packaging

Casual packaging boxes are relatively new in the market. We also know them as half soap boxes. They are not good for transportation as the packaging completely covers soap. At the same time, they are great to show samples of your soap on a product launch or marketing shelf. In these boxes, the soap is half uncovered so that consumers can take a better look at the product.

  1. Custom Boxes

Suppose any of the above-mentioned boxes don’t fit for your product. We can also get your custom design printed in bulk quantity. Regardless of the size and shape of your soap, we make completely custom packaging that is just for your soap. If you want to merge two designs, Our designer can you the box of your dreams. After all, if you don’t feel that the current packaging is doing justice to your product, then do not opt for that.

We at Dodo Packaging, keep our client’s preference at top. We will deliver the packaging which you approve and is perfect for your soaps. If you don’t want to hassle with custom design, there are numerous pre-designed boxes on our site to choose from.

Get a free quote of your packaging on our website today, and pack your soaps in a packaging that elevates its look on the shelf and reach a higher level of sales. We deliver soap packaging boxes all around the UK.

Make your custom printed boxes incredible with us!

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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