Peak Of Lavishness: Luxury Candle Boxes UK By Dodo Packaging

Peak Of Lavishness: Luxury Candle Boxes UK By Dodo Packaging

by Craig Martin

Posted: January 12, 2022

When searching for ‘luxury candle boxes UK’ or ‘classy candle packaging UK’, you are flooded with various packaging solutions that look fantastic.

However, that is only on the surface. Luxury in any packaging comes from the manufacturer doing the small things right.

When creating any packaging solution, in this case, luxury candles boxes, it is incredibly important that the foundation of the packaging is of top-notch quality. 

The foundation in the case of packaging is the packaging material. 

This blog will tell you about the various paper packaging materials that can help you design luxury candle boxes in the UK. Furthermore, we will look at why these options are considered a ‘luxury.’

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Let’s begin.

Rigid Paperboard Candle Boxes

High-quality paperboard is a more durable packaging material. That means you can design luxury candle boxes in the UK without worrying about any damages while securely shipping your product across the country or around the world. 

In addition, high-quality paperboard is not an easy material to damage. If it gets damaged during shipping, it will be difficult to see when you open the packaging. Hence, the decrease in the visual appeal will be difficult to notice. 

That is why paperboard boxes with laminates are perfect if you want to send luxury candles in UK in a box that looks incredible on the outside with the functionality of protection in transit.

Printing Processes For Paperboard Printing

Another reason people choose paperboard boxes is that it is cheap to print on. That is because of the consistency and uniformity of the material.

While paperboard boxes can be printed at a low cost, it looks incredible when it comes out of the printing press. 

In addition, you can choose from any colour imaginable and full-colour branding options for your candle packaging in the UK.

However, the absolute best part about paperboard boxes is that you can design luxury candle packaging in the UK.

Manufacturers like this material because it has great value for money and provides a great product at the end of it all. 

Custom Size Paperboard Candle Boxes For Your Product

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Another reason to choose paperboard boxes over other options is the custom sizing options. You can get boxes made in any shape and size to perfectly fit your candle while still leaving room for the product to move around while it is being delivered.

That means you can add a second function to your box if need be (such as stacking). In addition, you could add other things like ‘fragrance notes’ or other information for your customers.

In short, custom sizing means you can get incredibly creative with your luxury candle packaging in the UK.

Strong Paperboard Candle Boxes

If you want a box that will hold strong even when stressed, then paperboard boxes are an ideal option. 

That is because they have a high-compression strength (the amount of weight it can take before breaking).

Therefore, if you send heavy products that would usually damage other packaging materials, paperboard boxes will be an ideal solution. 

However, remember to keep your product small enough, so the package is not too bulky and difficult to transport.

That Is Why Custom Sizing Is A Great Option In This Case.

It lets you ensure the product is safe while also ensuring you do not have a bulky, difficult-to-transport package on your hands when it comes to luxury candle boxes in the UK. 

Other options for luxury candle boxes

Even though rigid paperboard is one of the best packaging materials to make luxury packaging for candles UK, there are other cost-effective options. 

This section will tell you about a few of them.

Carton-Board Candle Boxes

When you think about affordable packaging, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably carton-board. It is a relatively cheap material for manufacturers to work with. In addition, it can be moulded into different shapes and sizes depending on what you need.

If you just want a sturdy box for candle packaging in the UK, then carton-board is great. It is not as strong as paperboard and can be more difficult to work with when printing. 

Kraft Paper Candle Boxes

Lastly, a more expensive option you can try is Kraft paper boxes. That is because they are incredibly strong and surprisingly cheap to work with. In addition, the material has appreciable strength, so your candles can be protected during transit. 

However, it will be helpful to note that Kraft paper does not come near the strength of the paperboard. Thus, don’t package your candles in Kraft for long-distance transportation.

That said, it is sufficient for short distances, and the price difference will be notable.

Furthermore, using Kraft packaging material can help you in another way. Using Kraft helps your brand to promote itself as being environmentally aware.

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That is because Kraft is a biodegradable material that can be recycled infinitely. That means your customers are more likely to purchase from you again after they have seen how environmentally friendly you are with your packaging for candles in the UK.

Manufacturers like this option because it has great value for money and provides a great product at the end of it all. Perhaps this is why Kraft paper boxes are among the most popular material choices for luxury candle packaging UK.

However, it can be helpful to note that Kraft boxes have a rustic appearance. Thus, they might not be the right option for luxury candle boxes if your products do not match that style and appearance.


Whether you choose another type of material or go with the traditional, rigid paperboard, make sure your candles are well protected during their journey to your customers. 

The customers will be more than thankful for it. They might even purchase it again after seeing how much care you have put into your candle packaging UK.

If you’d like more information on luxury candle boxes UK or any other packaging solutions, connect with Dodo Packaging today!

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