Now Is The Chance To 3x Your Sales Through Macaron Boxes

Now Is The Chance To 3x Your Sales Through Macaron Boxes

by Craig Martin

Posted: April 23, 2021

Some bakery products require little to no introduction. Among that list is a French confectionary product – macarons. How scrumptious, how beautiful, and an item that does not lack class. In our humble opinion, macarons ooze perfection and are second to no other bakery product. 

Raspberry Macarons - Italian

But that’s not the point. How can you utilise macaron boxes to better the sales of your business? With so many customisation options at your behest, what is the odd one out? What is that one strategy that will elevate your sales numbers by a country mile? Let’s find about it in the blog post.

What are macaron boxes?

Before jumping the bandwagon, let’s clear out the definition of a perfect macaron box. Is it rigid? Is it stalwart? To answer these questions, yes, macaron boxes are rigid and stalwart. There are cases when we need them to avoid disturbance on the retail shelf. Hence, it is equally important to eradicate cliché standards of packaging.

Once you opt for custom printed macaron boxes that sit well with industry standards, you are in for a treat. Would it triple your sales? No. It would only double it, at maximum. However, there is a much better way than any conventional way, discussed below.

Multiple customisation options

When it comes to packaging, the options are unlimited. From fancy intricacies to minimalism, there are customisation options that you can utilise to strive for perfection. For instance, you can opt for a die-cut window option or select a PVC sheet that appears on top of the surface. As a result, you can have the perfect view of the macarons through an invisible sheet.

As opposed to the prior option, you have access to inserts. They allow you to have compartments inside the box. Hence, allowing room for compatibility and feasibility. 

Wholesale Printed Macaron Boxes Bulk

In addition to customisation options, we have a myriad of material selections. When you choose the suitable material for your macaron boxes, you pave the way for an excellent sales chart. You can choose from the following materials for your packaging:

  • Eco-friendly Kraft 
  • Cardstock
  • Cardboard
  • Rigid
  • Linen Stock
  • Rigid 
  • Corrugated

When talking about the merits of these boxes, you have to be very picky with the material selection because it either makes your product or breaks it. A few packaging companies out there alleviate the selection process, so make sure to contact them.

With trained professionals and packaging engineers, you have to contact experts to relieve your custom box woes. For instance, an average packaging designer or engineer might recommend eco-friendly Kraft because it is a nature-friendly product.

Inexplicable design and style for macaron boxes

It goes without saying how the design and style of packaging affect the product. Opposite to contrary belief, the main elements of a successful product are pioneered by its packaging. So, if you are looking to make things better, start from the design and style of the box. 

Believe us when we say this because it is a tried and tested technique, that custom packaging can increase the value of your brand by two times. If you do not believe us, continue reading as we explain through the hefty process carefully.

Elevate the value

If you are in the bakery business or any other business of a product, it needs packaging. It is clear as day. You might not need alluring aesthetics to top it off, but at the end of the day, you still need packaging.

However, you can increase the value of your macarons via macaron packaging UK at wholesale rates. When you opt for that option, you add a mix of quality and pricing simultaneously, hence allowing your product to gain popularity through increased value.

Building a relationship with the brand

In today’s era, most people are conscious about cherry-picking the brand. It is not just a mere stat, but several studies have proved it. However, the big companies take advantage of this factor and lure in the customers accordingly. 

How To Build A Brand In 10 Steps

For instance, despite having tens of phones better, Apple is at the top of the chain. Similarly, such is the case with packaging. When you try to enforce branding, people will automatically come towards you. Eventually, the leads will start converting into sales, and your business will thrive in the competitive market. 

Make sure to adjust colours prominently

One of the many things you can do is to adjust the colours on the macaron boxes. You do not have to do them over either. Try to maintain a balance between dull and exciting colours. Only then will you pave the way for exciting colours and immaculate conditioning.

A pro-tip: Try to combine the colours with the logo of your brand. You can consult an expert graphic designer for that purpose.

Attract your target audience

You might be thinking, how do I target the ‘right’ audience for my business? Well, for starters, you can do it by creating customer personas. All you have to do is pave the way for a healthy, yet incredible value for your market when you do it. Create catchy and tempting images on the box to create a fiery sensation so that upon the first glimpse, people won’t be able to resist.

Final words

No business or business owner in its right mind would deny the importance of macaron boxes. You can follow our tips to ensure the big sales of your business because we have been serving businesses for well over a decade. 

If you still cannot get your hands on a packaging company, we are here to solve your headaches. Our state-of-the-art printing and packaging standards will prove to be a nail in the coffin if you have a dead business. Our packaging aficionados take it in their hand to prove how much packaging can enhance your sales within numbered days.

So, if you are waiting for the right opportunity, now is the time to get your hands on our services. Get a free quote from us and let yourself see the difference, even by small margins.

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