How To Design And Choose Cookie Boxes Wholesale UK Suppliers?

How To Design And Choose Cookie Boxes Wholesale UK Suppliers?

by Craig Martin

Posted: December 08, 2021

There are many options when searching for ‘cookie boxes the UK’ or ‘cookie packaging UK .’ there are many options. You can select from different cookie boxes wholesale UK suppliers that offer unique packaging. However, which one is the best?

This blog will help you make that decision. It will cover everything that a good cookie boxes wholesale UK supplier should offer. Furthermore, we will look at the basics of designing your cookie boxes and give examples of some ready-made packaging styles. 

Let’s begin.

cookie boxes bulk


The first thing to consider is convenience. Delivery should be fast and efficient because you want the packaging boxes as soon as possible (who wouldn’t?). Also, you can easily re-order if your business needs more of them.


It makes sense that the quality should be high since you are placing your cookies inside the packaging box. That is what protects it from any unexpected damages that may occur. The supplier should use good quality materials to withstand shipping and retail handling. Even if a single cookie packaging has low quality, you should seriously consider changing the manufacturer. 


The design of the cookie packaging box is also essential. It should be attractive and fit the cookies inside perfectly. It will help the packaging be more visually appealing to the customers. The supplier you choose should have different designs to choose from so you can find the perfect one for your business.


The supplier should also offer customisation services. That means that you can have the box designed precisely how you want it. You can include your company’s logo and other important information.


Last but not least, the price is an essential factor to consider. The supplier should offer a reasonable price that will fit your budget. Also, the price should be affordable since you are buying in bulk.

Do this simple test to find out if they are the right supplier for you? Compare their design options with what you have in mind. If they have similar designs, it is a good sign that they are the right ones. 

Now that you know how to find the right supplier for your cookie boxes. Let’s talk about the design. 

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The design of cookie packaging should be top-notch. It can help attract customers, and make them want to purchase your cookies. It is vital that the design is unique and fits the cookies inside perfectly.

The following section will take you through some basic design elements that can help make or break your cookie packaging. 

You must realise is that the cookies inside the packaging are the star of the show. It is essential to have a design that enhances this factor. The following are some of the crucial elements you should consider for your cookie boxes:


It can help to have text on your packaging box. You can place information about the company or brand name, ingredients, best before date etc., on the box. That will help customers learn more about your cookies.


The font you choose for your text is important. It should be easy to read and fit the overall design of the cookie packaging box. You can choose from various fonts, but make sure they are all legible.


Colours play an essential role in the design. You want it to stand out but not be too loud. Make sure that the colours you choose fit your brand image and don’t clash with each other. For example, it would be bad to have a neon green font over a bright pink background.

Size And Shape

The size and shape of the cookie packaging box are also important. You want it to be big enough to fit the cookies inside, but not too big that it takes up space and costs extra. The shape should be something that stands out and is easy to identify.


Including graphics on your cookie packaging box can be a great way to make it more appealing to customers. Graphics should be done in a way that they fit the overall design and don’t look cluttered. You can include pictures of various things such as a logo, ingredients, the company name etc.

When designing your cookie packaging box, keep these design elements in mind for an outstanding result.

Some ready-made styles can help you get started. They come in different types of closures. The following section will give you a good starting base for making cookie packaging. 

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Packaging styles are important for your cookie boxes. They are designed to help you package the cookies quickly and easily without much hassle. They come in different shapes, sizes and closures.

Go over the following packaging styles to get an understanding of some popular options:

Tin-Tie Style/Closure

This packaging style is preferred by many brands. They come in different sizes and shapes. The tin-tie closure tightens the packaging to seal your cookies tight inside.

Pouch Style/Closure

The pouch style is another popular style for your cookie packaging boxes. It comes in a variety of shapes and seals with heat or lamination.

Hang Hole Style/Closure

This type of style is mostly used for candy and chocolate packaging. They come in different sizes.

Hole Bottom Style/Closure

This packaging style comes with a hole at the bottom to fit a stick or a round base. They are great for any edible product that needs a stick in it. It is crucial to make sure the hole is centred because it is the part where your branding will go.

Stand Up Pouch Style/Closure

This type of package uses heat to seal the cookies in a stand-up pouch. They use a plastic window to see the cookies, and they come in multiple sizes. This style is great for displaying the product at stores with a retail counter because it stands upright.

Reverse Style/Closure

This type of package has a closure on the back. Hence, they can be heat sealed or have an inner liner that holds your cookies in place. This style is also great for retail counters because they are flat and look good on a store shelf.

What Have We Learned?

This blog has looked at a few different styles of cookie packaging boxes and which ones might be best for your cookies. You have also learned about some basic elements that can go into designing a good looking box. We hope it has given you the confidence to start on your next project. 

Furthermore, we have looked at the characteristics of a good supplier. If you want cookie packaging in the UK, if you are searching for the best cookie boxes UK wholesale supplier, there is no better option than Dodo Packaging. Reach out today to grab the best cookie boxes in the UK.

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