How The Importance and Appearance of Candles Modified With Time?

How The Importance and Appearance of Candles Modified With Time?

by Craig Martin

Posted: July 20, 2020

“When your soul is looking for you, light a candle on its path.” – Rumi

The above saying above by the most popular poet in the world puts light on the role of candles to keep up with spirituality. Moreover, candles have been a source of lightening in darkness for many people. People consider it an important factor to regain their lost spirit. In fact, candles are an important factor of worship for Christians as well as for the people who follow other religions. For them, it is a source of purification of souls from evil. For them, candles eliminate negative energy and greet peace, truth and purity. Different candles represent different meanings to them. Like white candles destruct negative energy, blue candles are a source of forgiveness, inspiration and happiness, and lavender candles are for peace and healing.

Have you ever asked yourself why people who follow Christianity lit candles when praying? Well, this blog will answer all your question to help you quench your thirst of curiosity. In the 2nd century, the Christian educational said that using candles does not o my dispel gloom in darkness, but it also constitute the aboriginal and eternal Christ. For this reason, Christians frequently lit candles for prayer. Lighting it for someone means to pray for them.

Apart from that, some people believe that candles signify human life. They think that as candles burn to help others and melt away eventually, same is the case with human beings. Some people do purely that they live their life to lighten up other’s path and dies one day without paybacks. For instance, our teachers and mentors, as well as parents, devote themselves to make us successful in life, and we don’t even thank them sometimes for their unconditional favours. Someone has said it beautifully by a saying:

“Life is a candle which burns itself to death. Breathe by to breathe, blink by blink, bit by bit. 

It consumes itself and melts away one day!”-Sid

Lightening candles on death as a souvenir in thoughts and prayers: 

Lightening candles at the time of death of your loved ones and to memorise them is seen everywhere in the United Kingdom. It has been a part of culture since ages. Moreover, it marks as a symbol of lightening in their afterlife. People light a candle to reveal that even when they are gone, their memory still lives in our heart and thoughts.

“Always in our thoughts, forever in our heart.”

History, modification, and comparison with the significance of candles of today’s world:

Candles are in use for illumination and lightening celebrations for more than 5000 years. With time, the form and use of candles modified.  According to research, ancient Egyptians were the first to introduce the concept of highlights by melting animal fat and soaking a reed with it. After that, Romans came up with the concept of making candles with beeswax instead of animal fat. These candles were a source if lightening in homes and helping travellers at night.

In middle age, the concept of making candles from beeswax became common in European areas as well. They begin to realise that beeswax is pure and does not emit a foul smell, unlike tallow. It has a pleasant smell and does not emit smoke. Likewise, with time, these candles become common for use in churches, but we’re expensive at the start.

In the 19th century, a more pure and modern type of candles came into being. The candle production machine also invented in that era. The concept of using paraffin wax for candles became popular by then due to its progress and colourful quality.

Apart from that, in the mid-1980s, candles become popular as a source of decoration and gifts as well. Their availability in different colours, shapes and sizes started increasing consumer’s interest in candles. Soybean wax, palm wax and other types also became into use for candles.

Today, nobody is unfamiliar with the charms candles can do to your events. Its use is now not finite mere to the lightening but has other uses as well. Now, people use candles in several celebrations for the icing on the cake. Whether you want to create a romantic atmosphere or a shooting sense, candles always help you. They play a vital role in both decorating the house or to cast a lovely effect to the event for all to enjoy.

Why packaging is important:

As we all know, candles use different types of wax in manufacturing. For this reason, custom candle boxes are necessary to give a beautiful and protective look to them. Furthermore, these boxes help candles from melting away in hot weather or from damage during long journeys. There are different types of material you use for the packaging. Which means you have independence in choosing the material for the boxes. Besides, beauty and safety go hand in hand. That is why different ornaments are available to give a perfect and splendid look to the boxes. In this way, the packaging will represent the beauty of candles with packaging.

By printing your brand name on the candle packaging wholesale, you can advertise your brand and build a reputation in the market. Customise them according to your demand and requirements and give a touch of uniqueness by utilising your creative juices.

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