The Burgeoning of Fast Food Chain Trend in the UK

The Burgeoning of Fast Food Chain Trend in the UK

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Posted: March 17, 2020

Basically, the concept of food chains was introduced by the Arab scientist and philosopher Al-jahiz in the 10th century. Later this concept got popularity in 1927.

We all know that the food industry is evolving rapidly. Over the last years, we have seen a wide range of food and drink trends. Furthermore, it looks like that year 2020 is set to be a year of more adventurous and exciting cuisines.

When life on earth began, human beings have suffered for a lot of food. We all are aware of this fact that the sources of food have increased dramatically. In the very beginning, people were very simple. They had to fight for their meals. They like to eat simple cuisines.

Moreover, they were not much aware of the innovations they can bring in the food. In the past, it was very easy for people to make the decision about the food they would eat. However, the situation changed drastically in the 20th century.

But with the passage of time and with the help of latest technology, people start to think and question about their surroundings. They start experimenting with the things available. Moreover, nowadays we are continuously surrounded by advertisement and a variety of foods.

Driving Change In The Food Industry

The food industry is on the top trends nowadays. However, following changes takes place in the food industry

  • Consumer demand for transparency

The most significant revolutionary trend in the fast-food industry is Transparency. People become more conscious about the ingredients being used in their fast foods. They are more anxious to know what ingredients are going into their product. Nowadays, consumers prefer to go for a food brand that shares transparency. Consumers become more conscious about what they eat.

  • Health and wellness

However, this is one of the main things which almost every fast-food chain owner kept in their mind. Plus, this is the trend which everybody wants to continue. Consumers become educated on the benefits of eating healthy products. This is also one of the main reasons that fast food industry starts to spread widely within less time. People are opening different sorts of food chains. There are quite efficient and well known fast-food chain in the UK working for several years and known worldwide. For instance, pizza hut and domino’s.

  • Eco-friendly packaging for fast food

However, we often listen that “Eat healthy, live healthy.” We all know that the best way to live healthier is to eat healthier. We all are aware of this fact how much important it is to eat healthy food. Furthermore, to keep the quality of food good, it is essential to pack it in food box packaging. It is recommended to use food packaging boxes as they are the best solution to keep your food preserved. Moreover, they are available at quite affordable prices.

Remarkable food chain in the UK to satisfy your food craving

According to the above analysis, these are the top ten food chains in the UK. McDonald’s is at the top of the list and is generating the highest revenue. Other then this, quite known food chains which you can see in this list are KFC, dominos, pizza hut, subway and Nando’s.

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 McDonald’s fast-food chain is one of the largest fast-food chains all over the world. However, this is one of the oldest food chains too. McDonald’s opened its first food chain in the UK on 13 November 1974. They are also known for their breakfast range and their alluring packaging.

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Nando’s was first opened in 1992 in the UK. However, Nando’s is famous for giving peri-peri chicken along with addictive Nando’s peri-peri sauce. Furthermore, it also focuses on the presentation of their food. Plus, their packaging is also catchy for its customers.

UK consumers expenditure on food and drinks

Total consumer expenditure on food and drinks was rise by 2.9% in 2018. Moreover, spending on food was also increased by 3.4%.

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