Bulk Cupcake Boxes: How Colour Psychology Can 2x Your Sales

Bulk Cupcake Boxes: How Colour Psychology Can 2x Your Sales

by Craig Martin

Posted: May 05, 2021

Over time, businesses are chipping in several factors to increase their product’s sales. If you are an owner of a physical product, choosing the best packaging for it is a compulsion. For obvious reasons, it carries a ton of benefits with it and selecting the right colour is one of them. Similarly, if you are an owner of a bakery, buying bulk cupcake boxes might be the most significant turning point in your sales career. Let’s find out how. 

Marketing and COVID-19: A fierce rivalry

In times of dismay, the COVID-19 has struck the mightiest of businesses. However, some companies have survived in this challenging time. How? Did they have God’s special blessings showered on them? Were they chosen by God? No, it all comes down to thinking out of the box.

While we may argue there are tons of options available, we will narrow it down to the basics.

Where does the problem lie for bulk cupcake boxes?

Establishing a brand is not easy. People may think branding is all about placing your logo on the packaging box, but it goes way beyond that. Think of your favourite brand. What is that specific thing that intrigues you the most about it? While it could be the prominence of their logo, there is a big chance someone loves them for their colour selection in packaging. 

The problem with current business owners lies in the very basis. We have seen people investing hundreds and thousands of pounds with no profit in return. Have you ever thought about it? 

Your product has potential. You have studied the market properly, and everything was right up until it failed to get the consumers’ attention. Why? Because it did not have enough credibility to attract any consumer. 

There’s a big chance of another product getting more sales. The reason? Simple. It was not because it had more potential. The reason was that it had better packaging. So, you see? That is where the problem lies.

The solution to multiplying your sales through bulk cupcake boxes

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your business. As a packaging manufacturer that has fed over a hundred firms, you guarantee quality guidance.

Here are a few tips regarding colour psychology that might help you down the lane.

  • White 

We highly suggest white cupcake boxes because they are a work of art. Why? Because you can top it off with any customisation. Be it embossing, foiling, or any other combination, white colour sits well with minimal design.

Pro-tip: Try not to overdo your designs with a lot of customisations. Since white colour allows you to showcase your creative side, we still recommend keeping it simple. Go easy with the customisations and give the box some breathing space.

  • Black 

Whether your customers are introverts or extroverts, black cupcake boxes are highly aesthetic. The colour can appeal to anyone. Furthermore, if you top them with the ‘right’ customisations, you are in for a treat. 

Black Cupcake Box
  • Yellow

You may think yellow doesn’t ooze brilliance or class. We believe it steers your sales chart to an upward spiral. Once you mix it with decent colour, you will settle for nothing but perfection. Studies suggest that yellow colour indicates something innovative or original. 

Yellow Cupcake Boxes

If your target audience is kids, you can use its positivity and energy to attract adolescents. In conclusion, you can never go wrong with the perks of using yellow in your arsenal. 

  • Pink

Another colour that we are adding to your arsenal is pink. If you have a special occasion coming up, pink cupcake boxes should be your go-to option.

Rather than sticking with the same old dull packaging, try something new this time. Bring some twist into your packaging standards. 

Pink Cupcake Boxes

Be it Valentine’s Day, graduation day, mother’s day, or any other celebratory occasion, you can use the pink colour to the best of your advantage. 

Another solution

We might have another trick up our sleeves. 

When you order cupcake boxes in bulk, you save up a lot of money on each box. For instance, compare the order of 100 boxes and 5,000 boxes. You are going to save up hundreds of dollars in the total bill. 

It does not mean that you go on and order cupcake boxes in a bulk amount. Instead, try out some different strategies for packaging initially and continue from the winning ones. The ideal case scenario includes ordering 500 boxes – 100 for each design. 

Now you have a batch of five different box styles with varying combinations of colour. The ones that sell the most – keep it. You can discard the rest and then use the ‘ordering in bulk’ strategy to cut your costs further. 

Wrapping it up

While we may think the success of a product lies in its own potential, the reality might differ. There are many cases where we can testify about our packaging’s standards. Believe us when we say it, a decent design can 2x your sales within days. By chipping in the perfect colour psychology, you can pave the way for a rising sales chart. 

We hope that you learned something new about your packaging. If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them with us in the comments down below. We love to voice other opinions. 

Also, if you are looking to buy from us, you can email us info@dodopackaging.co.uk or call us at +442081140006. 

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