Best Christmas Gift Boxes Need The Best Custom Prints

Best Christmas Gift Boxes Need The Best Custom Prints

by Craig Martin

Posted: December 21, 2021

The best Christmas gift boxes are designed by keeping the end-users in mind. 

When handing out gifts, has there ever been a moment when the recipient has shown their appreciation of the packaging before opening it? That only happens when the packaging is attractive and stands out from the other options.

This blog will take you through various aspects that can help you, as a brand, make the best Christmas gift boxes. However, if you are a DIY specialist, don’t despair; by having these points in your mind, you will have some ideas on what to look out for when making cute Christmas boxes this fall. 

Let’s begin.

Custom Printing For Enhanced Visuals

When making the best Christmas gift boxes, you have to ensure that they pull customers from afar. Customers want their festivities to be as joyful as they can. Custom prints can help you with that. 

Custom prints come in different forms and can help you make a wonderful mark with your customers while making your Christmas packaging boxes stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

The following are various custom prints you can use to decorate your packaging:

  • Graphics
  • Texts
  • Logos
  • Product Information

Let’s cover these options briefly:


The term ‘graphics’ cover a wide range of artwork. These can be anything from cute pics of animals wearing Christmas hats or an image of the product in a festive background. 

Graphics let you explore the depths of your creativity. They give you space to transform your Christmas packaging boxes into modern masterpieces. 

However, that is not all. With the help of graphics, you can show various characteristics of your products. 


‘Text’ means anything that is written. Custom printed text has been a primitive way to communicate messages on packaging boxes. 

Text can be written in any font and size you wish. However, the market-leading companies use this opportunity to use texts with fonts that match their branding style.

Furthermore, they pay attention to the size of the text as well. They ensure that specific text pop-out of the packaging boxes. These texts are usually the ones that give the most information about the product at a glance. 

Complimentary information is usually presented in smaller texts to use the space on the packaging boxes fully. 

In a sense, you can create a marketing funnel right there on your Christmas packaging boxes using various fonts, sizes, and placement of texts. 


Logos can be taken under the umbrella of graphics. However, we prefer to keep it separate because of its impact on the packaging boxes. 

Where graphics are used to make the custom Christmas boxes stand out and grab customers’ attention, logos showcase your brand and company. 

A well-made company logo can live long in the heart of customers. Thus, it can help brand recall. Furthermore, when brand logos are displayed on Christmas packaging boxes, you become a part of the festivities. 

Custom Christmas Boxes 2

Custom printed logos can come in various shapes, sizes and forms; it depends on how you display your company on the packaging. 

Product Information

Suppose you want to reduce costs on inserts that explain how to use the product. In that case, one of the best ways is to custom print instructions on the back of the packaging. 

Custom printing product information on the packaging itself reduces material waste. You don’t have to pay for another printing operation for an instruction booklet. 

Product information can also be ingredient lists and international certifications. Customers don’t enjoy going through a lot of packaging to get to their product. Why not make their experience better by including product information on the packaging?

That way, they will think twice about wasting the boxes as they know it is something more than just housing for their products. 

Printing Techniques For The Best Christmas Gift Boxes

Now that you know about various types of custom prints let’s study the various printing techniques that can help you apply your custom print design to the packaging boxes.

Printing techniques are differentiated using their image transferring method. Many options work on the direct and indirect printing methods. 

Let’s see one example of each method. 

  • Digital Printing Method
  • Offset Printing Method

Digital Printing Method

The digital printing technique is based on the direct printing method. All you need is a computer and a digital printer. 

The computer acts as a digital source that carries a digitalized form of the image. The printer is powerful enough to read the image file and uses concentrated ink sprays to print on the substrate. 

The digital printing method has many advantages that make it ideal for small companies. However, that does not mean that big brands can t use this method. 

One of the main advantages of digital printing is that it does not require extensive time or money to set up. All you need is a digital source and a printer. 

Another benefit of digital printing is that if you want to make a small number of cute Christmas boxes, the digital printing method is cost-effective. 

Couple that with the ability to change the custom print design with ease, and you have yourself a versatile printing technique that can help you out in a pinch.

Offset Printing Technique

The offset printing technique is much more complex than the digital printing technique. Thus, small companies shy away from installing their setup. 

This printing technique uses various rollers, plates, and pools to print. 

The offset printing technique falls under the in-direct printing method. The image is first carved/machined on printing plates, then transferred the custom print design onto the custom Christmas boxes’ surface.

Custom Christmas Packaging Boxes

The manufacturing of printing plates is a necessary and time-consuming task. Furthermore, it is challenging to change the custom print design once the printing plates are manufactured. In most cases, you will have to start the process from the beginning. 

One of the main advantages of offset printing is its print quality. It outclasses the other methods in terms of colour accuracy and line clarity. Moreover, if you want to make many cute Christmas boxes, offset printing will be a more cost-effective option than digital printing. 

In Conclusion

In this blog, we have covered various types of custom prints and how they can help you display multiple aspects of your brand and products. Furthermore, we have also seen a couple of printing techniques and how they can help you make the best Christmas gift boxes. 

Dodo Packaging is one of the leading names for making the best Christmas gift boxes. Our team of experts are ever ready to take your brand to the next level with our custom and unique packaging solutions. Contact us and book your custom Christmas boxes today!

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