3 Brilliant Ways to Customise Retail Packaging

3 Brilliant Ways to Customise Retail Packaging

by Craig Martin

Posted: July 08, 2020

Dodo Packaging UK is a popular packaging company that deals in custom retail packaging. However, it is based in the U.K. Moreover, we manufacture great boxes according to the dimensions of your product. However, we at Dodo Packaging UK make alluring boxes by adding various elements. Therefore, we can design your boxes enticingly.

Moreover, packaging experts available in our company make boxes by following all the packaging parameters. Hence, we always add enticing features your packaging look outstanding. Further, we offer amazing retail boxes at great prices.

Whether your products are big or small, avail custom printed retail packaging to encase your products. However, you can customise every dimension of the box to beautifully display and protect your products.

But do you know that size isn’t the only thing that matters? Custom retail packaging means you can add whatever you need to make your boxes stand out amazingly. We offer endless options for embracing your boxes. 

However, for many customers, your retail packaging is the first time they interact with your brand. And, you only have five seconds to make your first impression pack a powerful punch. 

The custom retail boxes are your great chance to nail the first impression without speaking a word. So, the following are brilliant ways you can adopt to customise retail boxes:

Way # 1 Select the Best Material for Custom Retail Packaging

Before customizing outer of the boxes, firstly, it is really essential to decide the material of the box. Hence, there are various options to select one option from it. We are offering great durable materials for your boxes. So, convey choice to us, we will provide you with awesome retail boxes. Thus, avail of our retail packaging U.K.

We offer Kraft and cardstock material for your products as these both materials are sustainable and good for the environment. It is the most cost-effective material for custom retail packaging. It is good enough to carry and protect retail products.

Moreover, you can use other materials such as corrugated and rigid as well. However, for retail packaging wholesale, this material is preferable. Hence, a rigid retail box can be used in luxurious retail packaging.

Kraft Retail Box

Kraft is a recyclable material. Moreover, the Kraft boxes prevent retail products from breakage. Thus, it has a sturdy texture to keep retail products safe.

Further, Kraft materials are light in weight, which you can easily carry and hold. Moreover, the Kraft boxes are cost-friendly. So, grab eco friendly kraft retail packaging to encase your products.

Card Stock Retail Box

The card stock material is also light-weight. However, the retail products look really amazing in this material box. So, you can modify the card stock retail custom packaging according to your requirement. 

Moreover, the card stock material embraces the graphical printing processes more smoothly and nicely. However, the cardstock boxes look amazing as compared to traditional boxes. 

Corrugated Retail Box

You can get a corrugated retail box for international shipment. This type of material box is deep in width for sending products internationally. 

Moreover, a corrugated material box ensures the protection for sending your wholesale, retail products internationally safely. 

This box has two elements: the flat linerboards and the flutes. So, you can modify the thickness of flutes by the assistance of our packaging experts. Moreover, avail these boxes for your retails.

Rigid Retail Box 

Avail our rigid boxes to encase your retail boxes elegantly. However, you can buy rigid boxes for putting your retail products amazingly. 

Moreover, retail products are very delicate for international shipping. 

Way # 2: Enhance your Custom Retail Packaging by Adding Designs

After the material selection, now select from our designing options. We at Dodo Packaging UK offer amazing designing options to make your boxes stand out in the market. After all, it is the outlook of the boxes that people get attracted to, and if it’s not made good, then the purpose of the packaging is useless.

You can attain our personalised retail packaging boxes in UK. However, we offer different graphical imprints and colours on the boxes. So, select the colour design according to the product type.

Way # 3: Inscribe Printing Options on the Retail Boxes

The next step is to work on the layout of the box according to your choice or select our offered designs. However, you can design the retail packaging idea on the computer by using graphical software, such as illustrator and adobe photoshop.

After designing your layout, the next step is printing the designed layout. The best practice is to print the retail box design through any digital or laser printer on the card sheet. However, digital printers have high-quality ink. Moreover, high-quality ink keeps the quality of design good. Thus, like this, you can share your artwork with our company.

You can also add foiling and other techniques to embrace the retail boxes. Moreover, you can add U.V. spots, emboss, or deboss features. Therefore, you can also print your logo or retail product ingredients on the package to make it unique.

Why Choose Us?

We produce great custom boxes in all shapes and sizes. Either you want a business card box, candle box or invitation card boxes we will manufacture it for you. Simply convey to us your product packaging choice or idea we will produce the best box for you regarding the dimensions and shape you want.

However, we give you a choice to design the artwork to be printed on the box. Thus, if you are unable to create ideas, our experts will help you out. And the great thing is we offer free of cost assistance. So, save your cost and get unique alluring design ideas for your box.

Make your custom printed boxes incredible with us!

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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