Popcorn boxes have been in demand for well over a decade. So, why compromise on the quality of such an essential prospect? With Dodo Packaging UK, the customisation of popcorn packaging has never been easier before. Just pick your phone up and call one of our representatives with your abstract idea. We will take it from there and present you with an unmatched packaging experience.

With the quickest turnaround time and free prototyping options, we do not deviate from the originality and also, do not disturb the credibility of our packaging. Once you have opted for our custom printed popcorn boxes, you will never go wrong in the field of packaging again. For further assistance, feel free to call one of our customer service representatives and get a cheap quote for your elaborate packaging. Above all, we provide free shipping across the UK. So, no matter where you are living in the UK, you will get your order at your doorstep within six to eight working days.

Be it a cinema theatre or a home studio; popcorns are an essential snack to get you up and running throughout the movie. In today’s era, designing custom popcorn boxes in the UK is proving to be fruitful for companies. A packaging box that cuts through the noise will prove to be beneficial for your business. However, proper packaging is only profitable if it is decent and preserves all the right ingredients. You do not want your custom popcorn boxes to derail from the superior packaging standards. If you want them to grab the attention of a legion of consumers, you need not to deviate from the trendy packaging. A lot of scotch tape of a box with dull colours will look quaint and drab. So, for your boxes to grab the attention of every passer-by, you need to derive a likewise packaging standard.

Material Selection:

With tons of materials to choose from, you can find and adjust to the box that suits the best to your product. We, at Dodo Packaging UK, deal in a lot of materials that takes care of your pocket. Our estimation team derives a package that does justice to your budget. In that case, we neither extra layers to the already-existing materials nor use the wrong ones. We only use the materials that do the work and minimise your budget. In conclusion, you can choose from an array of materials, some of them are mentioned below:
  • Cardstock Material:
If you want to order cheap custom popcorn boxes, consult one of our operators, and we will recommend a cardstock material to minimise the cost. The standard thickness size of a cardstock material is 12pt – 14 pt. Moreover, if you want a thicker cardstock material, we recommend pasting for it.
  • Eco-Friendly Kraft:
Eco-Friendly Materials are already recycled, so any disposition of this material will not prove to be harmful to the environment. The standard thickness size of an eco-friendly material is similar to cardstock. For instance, to eradicate the thickness composed in an eco-friendly Kraft, we do not recommend pasting. You can opt for our standard thickness size, and you will be totally satisfied with the outcome and end product.
  • Corrugated Material:
Corrugation, in its true senses, is not very commonly used for popcorn packaging, but in some cases, the lower level of flutes is used. If you order custom printed popcorn boxes in bulk, make sure that you are ordering the right kind, and in the right amount.
  • Rigid Material
Dodo Packaging UK deals in rigid packaging as well to give your products a premium touch. You can utilise one big rigid box and contain all of your popcorn boxes inside it. Not only will it give away astounding looks, but it will also act as a counter display box to attract a legion of consumers.


Add-ons are a luxury that will enhance the visibility and design of your packaging. With awful designs, your packaging will look gloomy. It would be best if you derived packaging that gives your brand a stubborn look. To stand out from the rest, we recommend using add-ons to increase visibility and prominence. A few of the many add-ons we deal in are:
  • Spot UV
  • Die-Cut
  • PVC Window
You can ask about them by calling one of our customer service representatives, and they will guide you about its essentials and what you need to know about it. For instance, Spot UV is an add-on that includes both Matte and Glossy coating simultaneously at the same base. Embossing helps in making some part of the area prominent, while on the other hands, debossing also helps in drawing a clear and evident feel of the box. As for die-cut, a small or large portion of your box will be cut to make room for a view of what’s inside the box. Similarly, you can get a PVC sheet placed at your die-cut portion. Lastly, foiling (in different colours) help make the text or logo look prominent.


Coatings give a neat and tidy look to your product, hence allowing it to sit well above others on the retail shelf. To provide a charming and tedious look, we recommend using coatings to add leverage. Be it:
  • Matte Coating.
  • Gloss Coating.
Matte coating gives an un-shiny surface to the boxes, whereas a Gloss coating reflects light, hence allowing your custom popcorn packaging to reflect light.

Free Prototyping:

With broad options to explore from, Dodo Packaging UK brings other feasibilities as well, such as free prototyping. We oppose packaging options that are immune to healthy sales; for that reason, we are cautious in what we deliver. Our free prototyping options include:
  • 2D View. (Image – Pictorial Representation)
  • 3D View. (Video – Rotatory View)
  • Physical Sampling.
For a physical sample, we will send a prototype packaging box right at your doorstep. In case you demand changes to your current prototype, our design team will let you know, make changes, and then deliver the changed product accordingly for you to review.

Unmatched Pricing Plans:

Dodo Packaging UK provides pricing plans that are feasible for both parties. If you order custom popcorn boxes in wholesale rates, you will get a massive discount. One of the core advantages of choosing us is because we offer pricing plans that are unrivalled in front of others. Our estimators and sales team derive a plan that is feasible for your pocket.

Order From Us Today:

Order from Dodo Packaging UK to get unrivalled rates, scintillating packaging, and state-of-the-art printing mechanisms. If you’re lagging in the race of sales, now is the peak time to consider us. With custom packaging, we will give your product an unparallel target to achieve. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today at +44 2081140006 or email us at info@dodopackaging.co.uk to rise above ordinary packaging. By calling one of our sales or customer representatives, they will redirect you with our design team.

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